Pricing Bootcamp

Startups spend an average of 6-8 hours on pricing.  Startups fail for many reasons but not getting pricing right is a huge factor to consider.  We hate to see startups fail because they get pricing wrong. If you think you could be charging more or charging less, you’re probably right.  Getting pricing right is very hard to do, but it’s the most important piece of your business.

Increasing your customer lifetime value (LTV) and decreasing your customer acquisition costs (CAC) are fundamental to achieving high growth as a business, and the ratio of these, LTV/CAC, is the math your entire business is based upon.

Topics include:

  • Overview of pricing and why it really matters
  • Ask your customers, survey and validate price - includes survey
  • Calculating cost base pricing + worksheet
  • Competitive pricing + worksheet
  • Value metric to optimize revenue + worksheet  
  • How to convert pricing into billing
  • Pricing iteration - when and how to make changes to get to scale