Pricing Bootcamp

Cheddar Pricing Bootcamp

Most startups spend less than 8 hours on pricing. Startups often fail because pricing doesn't adequately line up with the market.

Getting pricing right is very hard to do, but it’s arguably the most important piece of your business.

In the Pricing Bootcamp 30 day Email Course, you'll learn the 4 Pricing Methods to iterate on pricing and not only stay in business, but thrive. You receive information on how it works, along with templates.

4 Pricing Methods

  1. Customer Surveys - asking your customers what they are willing to pay.
  2. Cost Plus - taking cost and marking it up.
  3. Value-Based Pricing - sharing in the value your product provides
  4. Competitive pricing - mimicking your competition/market.

Apply the pricing methods and beat out the competition. These modules allow you to iterate quarterly or bi-annually on pricing to keep you ahead of the curve.

Master Pricing & Beat out Competition

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    Pricing Bootcamp will allow you to not only stay in business but thrive.

    An increase in average selling prices of 5% increases EBIT by an average of 22%. If you aren’t learning what to charge or why, you’re leaving money on the table. Sign up now for Cheddar's free pricing bootcamp.